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Welcome to RoseCode, a problem-solving based community. We have problems in various categories such as programming, math, brainfuck(an esoteric programming language),and simple hacking. Feel free to join us, answer problems and share solutions with other members.

BrainFuck Involved

In some of the challenges you need to write a BF code.

Instance of Brainfuck Interpreter Used in the Challenges

Some FAQs:

  • Most of the challenges are math based. Those will require some logical approach.
  • You can use any programming language you like for programming problems except the ones that ask a specific language i.e. BF
  • We have two new types of problems that are unconvetional in the way that submitting process is altered.
    Pragma Series require some knowledge of web and pragmatic hacking approach, where as in BeCareful! type of problems you have 1 submit quota per 5 mins.
  • You can also issue new challenges through the "ask" page. Feel free and enjoy your presence!

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Everything  imagined is real, at least as in a form in the brain.

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